Marla & David Celia

Marla & David Celia

“Close your eyes and you could be sitting on a rocking chair on a 70’s Laurel Canyon porch” –

Berauschender, sommerlicher 70er-Vibe, Spector-artige Drumbeats und geklimperte Akkorde mit einem Schuss Nilsson-Exzentrizität – Marla & David Celia sind mit ihrem zweiten Album Indistinct Chatter bald wieder auf Tour.
Mit duettigen Gesangsharmonien im Vordergrund tauchen sie durch progressive Akkordwechsel, aufwendige Arrangements und runden das Ganze mit gut ausgearbeiteten Balladen ab. Die Texte kreisen um unser Leben in der Gegenwart, in Zeiten der Überproduktion, der Gier der Konzerne und der heutigen Wegwerfkultur, des Kapitalismus und der Sehnsucht nach Veränderung. Der Albumtitel erinnert daran, dass das Flüstern oft viel effektiver ist als der Schrei.


Music brought Marla & David Celia together when they met on stage in 2015. They shared the bill for some shows in Germany and quite naturally began to accompany each other. Their chemistry was magnetic and soon David was producing Marla’s first record in his studio. He released his latest solo album at the same time so they started sharing bills across Europe. There was a gradual shift from performing two separate sets to becoming one act. Not only did their vocal harmonies blend warmly, but so did their love for each other and they naturally began writing and recording music as a duo.
Their debut
Daydreamers (2018) has taken them everywhere from L.A. to Russia to England’s famous Glastonbury Festival. Daydreamers explored love and the little things in everyday life, but in the three years since that release, a new stylistic musical journey has begun. This brings us to Marla & David Celia’s sophomore, yet unreleased album Indistinct Chatter.
With duet vocal harmonies in the foreground, they dive through progressive chord changes, elaborate arrangements and round it off with well-crafted ballads. There aren’t any genre borders.
The lyrics circle around our lives in the present, during times of overproduction, capitalism, lack of compassion for one another and the desire to see change. Ironically some songs written before he global pandemic, alluded to the impending doom humanity is afflicting on itself

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